ArcGis software is the result of, almost, 50 years of research and development. Therefore, within it coexist together old and new tools, complex architectures, in many cases, simultaneously. Hence, it is possible to achieve the same data processing in many different ways, and, using different modules.

The user-friendliness is not always present, but it is, by far, the most complete software of the market. If you cannot perform some task with ArcGis, it usually means, that it is not possible to perform. Or, it can mean that ESRI has blocked that feature for commercial reasons.

This software is not free and at the end of the day, it is expensive.

Nevertheless, it is the most widespread institutional choice and is essential in most career paths.

Our tutor, Atilio FRANCOIS, has been working with this suite for the last 37 years. And, obviously, highly competent to guide you through all the available modules. Let’s have a quick look to the most common scenarios:

♦ You are a student, new graduate, starting your professional career. You want to be able to add ArcGis in your resume.

♦ You usually use a Gis Opensource but you must start using ArcGis or you are about to start a new job where ArcGis is the main software used.

♦ You already work with ArcGis but you have only received a hands-on training. And you want to organize, develop, and strengthen your knowledge.

♦ You have a solid basic knowledge of ArcGis, but you wish to dive intothe automated processes, the model builder, the Python scripting…

♦ Or, you have a solid basic knowledge of ArcGis but you want to master the geo data processing, the processing of data beforehand the queries SQL directly in the geodatabases.

♦ You are looking for something not included in this list.