If you regularly use a Gis different from ArcGis your main problem will be to track down the inherent logic. And obviously, you will be completely messed up! You will try to find among the different tools available in the menus, and you will be faced to different menus depending on which you click….

So, it is better to start by integrating the achitecture of the ArcGis: which are the different softwares? when is best to use each one? Which is the criteria for using them?

On average, two hours of coaching will enable you to browse the software. Each module will include a detailed explanation, as well as, a hard copy of the information delivered. This hard copy is intended as a memo you can turn to whenever necessary.

Once you have understood the ArcGis architecture, a further one or two hours coaching will let you understand how to perform with ArcGis what you already know how to do using your regular software. We will pay special attention to develop your skills to look for (and find!) the suitable commands. We will not hand over a simple list, we will each you a working method that will enable you to find them!

Contact us, and depending on the SIG software your are currently using, and the work you are performing, we will find out the most suitable way for you to start using ArcGis.