If you have opened this page, it means you are interested in GIS.

Before going any further, let us explain you what you will find here. If it is not what you are expecting, you will save your time.

The first thing you have to understand is, that in this methodology, the key word is Personalized Support rather than training or advice. Personalized Support means understanding where you stand today, and where you want to be tomorrow. Become your partner to enable you reach your goals.

Let’s see the following example: you want to work with your database of spatial data and you are looking for some advice. Most surely, you will find many websites offering training in PostgreSQL/Postgis. You can get information about their programmes, methodology, and prices…

Our approach is, basically, different. We will start by asking you why you want to acquire this specific knowledge. The following is a list of the most common reasons so far,

  • You want to improve your skills: you have professional experience in different applications but GIS is not one of them. All of a sudden you have to use this app, and you need to learn ASAP the basics in order to assume your new task.
  • You want to improve your performance: you already use GIS, you are up to date in your specific area (for example, the office app), but, now, you find out that you must use another area of the app (for example, you need to install a server for spatial data).
  • You want to maximize your performance: you already work with GIS, and you do not face any problem you cannot overcome. But you want to go the extra mile, have a better understanding of your work; you want to know how it works, how you can improve your outcomes, how you can do it faster and better.

The content, the methodology, and the duration will vary accordingly to your own answer. And this is exactly our business:

Understand your specific problem, and, offer you a joint reflection programme, and the transfer of our knowledge to allow you meet your goals.
You will not be just another student watching a generic video, you will attend a specific course, tailor-made for your specific needs.