The ArcGis suite is a complete package for spatial data management. The array of different modules, apps, and extensions is substantial.

I can assure you that I haven’t met yet a single individual who knows by heart all the procedures of the suite. You can be considered an ArcGis expert when you know exactly where to look for in order to perform an operation, and which module to use. But you have to acquire some basic knowledge.

The first pillar of your knowledge is the architecture of the suite: which are the different softwares? when to use them? how do they interact? which is the criteria to follow in order to use the right one?
On average, two hours of coaching will enable you to browse the software. Each module will include a detailed explanation, as well as, a hard copy of the information delivered. This hard copy is intended as a memo you can turn to whenever necessary.

The second pillar is the core of the software: ArcMap. This office software is the central element where you will be able to create, edit, analyse, and manage the spatial data, as well as, create the web maps.

We will discuss how to carry out the basic operations. You will have the chance to perform the exercises of your own choice.  If you do not hold an ArcGis licence, you will be able to use a distance connection, using one of our devices, equipped with ArcMap.

The idea is quite simple: you will be able to change, modify, and apply the symbology from a layer to the input layer, in order to create a web map. On average, two or three hours coaching will be enough to perform these tasks. If you already have the ArcMap installed in your computer, you will be able to perform the exercises outside the coaching hours.

The third and last pillar is the knowledge of the different formats of spatial data generated by ArcGis. It is uttermost important to correctly understand the limits and advantages of each and every format. You should expect a one hour session for the vector data, and a further one for the raster data type.
Finally, and depending on to your previous experience with spatial data, it could be useful to have a look to the coordinate system and how to run them with ArcGis, paying special attention to those systems most frequently used in your region. One hour coaching, will enable you to understand the use of each system, including the possible transformations between each other.

The previous information is not intended as a fixed programme, it is based on previous scenarios. So, contact us, and according to your previous knowledge, and goals, we will devise together the content and duration of a tailor made coaching for you.